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Please read before submitting support request

Withdrawal Problem
* Withdrawal requests process within 48 hours from the time of your request.
* Withdrawal request processed but your Bitcoin wallet does not indicate it has received?
Please check your Bitcoin wallet after few hours.
* You have received incorrect Bitcoin batch number in your transactions history?
Please check your Bitcoin wallet after few hours.
* You can withdraw your earnings everyday and without any fee or limitation.
* You can withdraw to the payment system that you have deposited from.
* We process your withdrawal to the wallet address that you have entered in your account settings.
* Minimum withdrawal amount is only $300.00

Deposit Problem
* Bitcoin deposit may take up to 12 hours to show up in your account.
* Receiving "Getting address error" in the Bitcoin deposit page? Please try again.
* Minimum deposit amount is only $300.00

Referral / Up-line / Referrer Problem
* Its not possible to change your account upline or add a new referrer.
* If you do not sign up under right referral, you can open new account with a new email address.
* If you do not enable your internet browser cookies, your account will not be created under right referral.
* Please check sponsor username in the registration page before creating account.
* We do not pay referral commission to the members that do not have active deposit.

Daily Profit Problems
* Do not receive daily profit? Please wait for a few hours then check your transactions.

PIN Code
* Pin code is a secure number you have choose in the registration process and you will use it for requesting withdrawal or modifying your account details.
* Forgot your PIN code? Recover it from settings section of your member area.
* Add to your email contacts list for receiving emails.

Investing From Balance
* We do not offer compounding service or auto reinvesting option but you can reinvest from your account balance when it become higher than $10.

Account Logging Out
* Logging out automatically from member area? Please use the latest version of Firefox or try to use another internet connection.

Forgot Username or Password
* Forgot your username or password? Please use account recovery

Email Receiving
* Add to your email contacts list for receiving emails.

Representative Program
* You need to have minimum deposit amount of $400 and 8 active referrals to become a representative.

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* Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions section to help you out when you have a question: